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It's Rocket Science, November 2017

A fun day with like-minded educators. Gained some skills in basic plastic bottle rocket making. Loved the opportunity to design, make, promote and test our creations.

Cran and Peter Waterman delivered a highly entertaining and interactive P.D which we really enjoyed and developed skills from. What a fantastic day!

Interesting,  informative,  relevant well timed friendly,  active. 

Very engaging group based PD workshop along with rocket science concepts explained in a simple and clear manner. Fantastic visual aids, rocket launching/testing/measuring gadgets, data recording and analysis resources, venue and the sweet & savoury snacky bites with cuppa -all made it an interesting PD. Keep it going!!!

I recently attended the P.D It's Rocket Science! The presenter was knowledgeable . The hands on activities were really well thought through. I could see relevance in having the workshops in all schools. The FEDD team have developed an excellent resource. It was obvious, by the look of glee on the children faces, that they would love to become involved in these workshops.      

Silverton Primary School, Victoria Australia

BouncED is an amazing online learning suite giving Students, Teachers and Parents access to some of the best online learning resources from one location.

A great curriculum resource for using technology on the classroom, it's child friendly and easy to use.

Each Teacher can tailor activities and tasks to the needs of each individual student; it personalises the learning

Amanda Prosser

Principal, Silverton Primary School


Halidon Primary School, Perth WA

BouncED is a one stop shop!  The students enjoy using the platform both at school and home. The teachers can structure programs to suit the needs of students and its adaptive programs enable differentiation.  It is simple to set up I and it’s practical, easy to use and all the resources are all there!  It safe guards students from having to search the web for the activities the teachers would like them to use.  One click and they can start work!

Helen Demiris

Principal, Halidon Primary School

Perth, WA

Huntingdale Primary School, Perth WA

BouncED enhances our teaching learning program by giving control of digital content to our teachers. Efficient delivery of a differentiated curriculum is a reality for all students.

Access to highly regarded preloaded programs such a Sunshine Reading and Zoo Whiz is an added bonus.

Tony Lynn

Deputy Principal

Kinross Primary School, Perth WA

Kinross Primary School is based in Perth Northern suburbs and has over 800 K-6 students. The school has used BouncED, FEDD’s core Digital Learning Application, for over three years. Over this time, the school has seen many improvements including:

  • Increased ability to provide students with differentiated learning instruction by setting personalised literacy and numeracy practice tasks that are aligned to the curriculum.

  • Teachers are able to set targeted interventions for students with increased frequency and monitor the results.

  • Increased ability to cater for a broad range of abilities from students at educational risk through to those requiring more of a challenge.

  • Students using their time more effectively on computers and devices as they are directed to a range of high quality resources and websites from a central platform that has been personalised by the teacher. 

  • Learning and enjoy a positive experience. Increased opportunities for low performing students to engage in.

Michelle Bell, a Level 3 Classroom Teacher, has been the Champion of Digital Education within the school. Her involvement started with a small remedial group using BouncED and other Digital Learning Apps.

As Michelle’s students improved, other Teachers saw the benefits that Digital Education can deliver, both to the Pupils and the Teachers themselves.

BouncED is now used across the school and over 500 students access the platform in a typical month.

Michelle Bell

Level 3 Primary Teacher

Kinross Primary School


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