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Macgyver science

The push is on to raise the bar in STEM and implement the new Design and Technologies contexts but who has the time or interest to bring innovative and engaging content to their students given all the other pressures modern teachers are required to bear? 

People might throw their hands up and ask “how do I do this”, the better question is possibly to ask is “what would MacGyver do”? Because if you ever saw him in action you know he came up with the solution using whatever was at hand.

With MacGyver Science we have the answer in the form of innovative projects designed to engage the students with practical, cost-effective and engaging experiments that push their understanding and interest in this area. 

Attend a Master Class

Attend a MacGyver Science Masterclass for teachers:
  • Aligned to Digital Technologies curriculum
  • Workshop projects are experimental learning based
  • Delivery can be tailored to different learning styles and abilities
  • Suitable for years 5 and 6 (other years will follow in Term 2)
  • Extension ideas that can be applied for further learning
  • Delivered by professional educators
  • Sample lesson plan and extension ideas for your learning year
  • A stress-free and fun way to implement Digital and Design Technologies into your teaching

Duration:  3 hours

Location:  At a school near you

Cost:  $99 per teacher (ex GST)

Content:  Using materials from the recycle bin and the $2 shop, we show you how to build working models, applying the principles of engineering, mathematics and fluid dynamics.

What You Get:  Construction materials, sample lesson plan and extension ideas, Construction Manual


  • Introduction into MacGyver Science concepts of hydraulics
  • How subject can link into cross-curricula contexts
  • Design solutions that stimulates deep thinking in project planning, application of materials, testing and problem solving
  • Creative thinking and delivery of projects that students will excite learning minds and initiate further future project thinking
  • Transferable learning skills that can adapted to every year level and objectives
  • How learning subject matter links into Design Technologies (Knowledge and Understanding) Strand and Design Technologies (Processes and Production Skills) Strand
  • How to source and use materials that are recycled, cost effective and minimal cost for your facilitating
  • How project MacGyver Science directly relates to the principles of STEM


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