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BouncED is a complete digital teaching platform for teachers. It acts as a "container" that integrates a range of best-of-breed learning management systems.

It allows teachers to plan, schedule, deliver digital content in a way that maximises student engagement and improves student educational outcomes.

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Single Sign On

The portal is accessible through a single sign-on which allows access to all the learning materials and functionality, regardless of provider. 

Accessing the complete platform and its content with one username and password makes it easy for teachers and students alike to engage.

Full Range of Learning Materials

We offer a single sign-on to the full range of lesson content from:

  •         FEDD-approved learning management systems
  •         online books
  •         safe links to website content
  •         safe links to video streaming sites
  •         teacher-developed content

We are constantly adding to the material to provide as complete a range as possible.


Teachers can schedule access to material in a calendar-like scheduling tool. Content can be limited to a single class time, at the same time of the day over a defined period, or for a large block of time.

Teachers can customize the lessons for individual students, groups of students, or the entire class, allowing personal

Trials and school experiences have shown that most students continue to progress through the adaptive learning programs in their own time, and at their own pace, with remarkable results.

And if the teacher is away for any reason, any relief teacher can step in and pick right up where he/she left off, ensuring a consistent learning environment for the children.

Helps Students
  Helps Teachers
  Helps Schools

 Learn more efficiently.

BouncED enables students to:

  • grasp concepts more quickly and fully
  • connect theory and application more adeptly
  • engage in learning more readily

 Leverage time better.

  • BouncED provides quick feedback to teachers ie struggling students allow teachers to provide additional instruction & answers.

  • Allows teachers more face to face time with students

Deliver and improve literacy and numeracy scores - anywhere anytime learning

  • Easily monitor the improvement against curriculum outcomes, by student, teacher, class, and school
  • Realtime interface into results

Develop Adaptive Learning Strategies

Adaptive hinting provides guidance to incorrect       responses, corrects misconceptions immediately & helps students figure out problems in real time

Customise Lessons to Each Student

Digital platforms allow teachers to reach more students & differentiate learning

It allows teachers to set literacy & numeracy tasks to be completed in classroom or for homework, by whole class, groups or individual programs

Plan with Confidence

Implement a common approach school-wide to improving:

  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration
  • communication

Learn In-depth

Rapid assessment simulation, visualization games annotation technology & videos with multiple instructions provide a richer learning environment

Annotation technologies, discussion boards & online support provide additional forums for discussion debate convective & edification

Save Time Planning Curriculum

  • allows teachers to build courses/units using the best content
  • allows teachers to clone & share materials
  • rinse and repeat each year

Save on Costs of Online Systems

  • Save schools significant funds in an ear of ever shrinking budgets

  • Monitor what online systems are being used, when, how much, and by whom

Learn with Mastery

The ability to pace learning to ones preference, to review material & to be assed on a section before moving to another leads to mastery learning

Monitor and Improve

  • Measure and monitor how students are performing

Engage and Report
  • Engage a Sense of Community/Parent Ownership in Student Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate & map content & assessments at a whole school level

  • Enable parent visibility into assessment results

Learn Anytime Anywhere

Use of online programs in class, library, outdoor excursions & in the home situation

 Adaptive Learning

  • Provides guidance on student incorrect responses
  • Automatically adjusts work (outstanding teaching tool)

  • Access to a fully secure platform providing student data required for assessment & reporting

For more information Contact Us for an obligation-free trial.


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