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Using iPads in your classroom

4 Sep 2017 2:43 PM | Anonymous

As a teacher, ever changing technology can be very daunting. Teachers often dread the next staff meeting when the next bit of technology is being brought in and we are all obliged to have a go. The problem is, as much as we dislike it, it’s needed.

We cannot rest on our laurels and carry on with the attitude of “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”. The kids in our care deserve more than that. They deserve to experience new things and they deserve the opportunity to “have a go”.

What I have noticed is that one of the things that has come into play in the classroom and has stood the test of time is iPads. As soon as the teacher says “Today we’ll be using the iPads”, the pupils are delighted and the teachers have a happy classroom.


There are so many benefits of iPad use in the classroom, I’m going to talk about what I think are the top eight.


1.    Access Australian Curriculum aligned apps

iPad Digital Education apps like BouncED, ZooWhiz, Study Ladder and Sunshine online are proven to improve students learning. The students are engaged with these programs and treat them as a game, unknowingly learning as they “play”.

2.   iPads fit students’ lifestyles.

The appeal of using iPads in school is obvious and students tend to find them easier to use than traditional computers, especially when they are able to use them frequently. This novelty leads to learning and when schools don’t implement what has now become “everyday technology”, they are doing the students a disservice.


3.   Classrooms are ready for iPads.

iPads are compatible with online learning platforms and are easily integrated into lesson plans and the every day running of the classroom. Planning and assessment has been made easier and resources are in abundance.


4.   Collaborative content creation.

It is now so easy to create and share content with others. The touch interface of the iPad means that the way we interact with our computers has been revolutionised. Sharing of work, databases and assessments is more straight forward for students and staff which in turn enhances the learning journey.


5.   Students can be their own helpdesk.

Students are so eager to learn new things that they often troubleshoot and resolve iPad issues faster than adults. Just think of the time that can be saved if students can do this rather than teachers having to sit on the phone to a helpdesk for what seems like forever.

When students can problem solve an iPad issues it seems like a natural progression for them to be more likely to be able to go through the motions of solving personal issues without the need for teacher intervention. 


6.   Mobile data collection.

Throughout every aspect of teaching in the classroom, it is expected that teachers include cross curricular links. The iPad allows for this to happen easily. Students can record observations from one lesson, using photos, videos, timing and notes, save them to the iPad and use them in another lesson. iPads allow for the transition between lessons to become less stressful on the teacher and more enjoyable for the student.


7.   iPads integrate with IT trends.

iPads and cloud based systems means that students can work from anywhere at anytime, including homework tasks that they can complete with parents. They have greater portability and connectivity. Schools then do not have to pay for computer suites and accessories that they no longer need. iPads make mobile computing labs easier. When you compare the cost, size and mobility factor iPads win.


8.   Paperless innovation.

Schools have found many creative ways to use iPads to save money. Although there is an initial outlay, things like homework, digital textbooks, data sharing etc., means that iPads offer numerous ways to eliminate paper, saving dollars and the environment.


Taking all of this onto consideration it seems that iPads are a winner in the classroom. It’s the future folks, and we all have to keep up.


If you want any further information as to how the BouncED portal offers a great way of integrating digital technology into the classroom contact me at emma.wilson@fedd.org.au


With only three weeks to go before the end of term why not get in touch to find out how to start a BouncED free trial in your classroom in Term 4.


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