"Our vision is a world where young people are equipped today with the tools necessary to not only survive, but thrive in the tough employment marketplace of tomorrow."

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What Help Are You Looking For?

School Incursions

Book a teacher/facilitator to come and deliver a fun, interactive session with your students. All incursions are mapped to the digital curriculum and will help you achieve your learning outcomes.
  • It's Rocket Science 
  • MacGyver Science
  • Mindz
  • Digital Intelligence
  • FEDDSumo Robotics Coding

PD Workshops

We can come to your school, or you can come to one held at another venue.

Schools that host PD sessions can pay nothing and send as many teachers as you like as long as we get a minimum of ten external paid attendees to the session.

We will work with you on timings (including after school sessions).

curriculum Suite

A fully fledged suite of documents designed to help you implement the new digital curriculum, our Curriculum Suite was developed by teachers, for teachers.

Because we know many teachers do not have the modern skills required  to be compliant with the digital curriculum requirements, we have taken all the padding out and done most of your work for you.

We are continually adding to the suite of documents, to help you stay fresh and up to date.

Currently available for K-6 in WA, we will be expanding this suite out to cover all Australian curriculum for all years.

E-Learning systems

BouncED - a management portal that provides single signon, scheduling and more.

Skwirk - gamified e-learning system, tested and passed by FEDD for sustainable engagement, suitable for k-10 in the subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and HASS.

ZooWhiz - gamified e-learning system, tested and passed by FEDD for sustainable engagement, suitable for k-5 in the subjects of Literacy and Numeracy

Quizdom - What we've all been waiting for: a NAPLAN-style assessment and reporting tool to help us benchmark and monitor our students.

MacGyver Science

The push is on to raise the bar in STEM and implement the new Design and Technologies contexts but who has the time or interest to bring innovative and engaging content to their students given all the other pressures modern teachers are required to bear? 

With MacGyver Science we have the answer in the form of innovative projects designed to engage the students with practical, cost-effective and engaging experiments that push their understanding and interest in this area. 

All activities are crossed linked to the Australian curriculum and Design Technologies contexts using cost effective materials, most of which can be gleaned from the school's recycling programme. The teacher does not have to be familiar with the subject because ‘Dr Nick’ outlines the answers in language appropriate to the year level.


Too many people treat grant writing as a chore, and an unnecessary expense.

Done right, grant applications are a "rinse n repeat" way to raise additional funds for your school.

If your applications have been declined in the past, then you need to be tutored in the process of grant writing. We have teamed up with BidBuddy, a professional grant and tender writing company to show you how it's done by the Pros.

In the Members' Portal we have curated the current grants that are open at the moment, that schools can apply for.



Cyber-bullying, online sexual predators and privacy concerns are just three examples of how vulnerable and exposed our children are when they are online.

Often parents lack the knowledge or tools to properly advise their children, and teachers have a duty of care.

Whilst there is a load of information online, making sense of it and preparing an efficient digital security plan takes time. 

We take the pain out of being prepared for teachers with our Digital Intelligence program.



In addition to our membership portal curriculum resources, we have sourced suppliers of quality curriculum aligned materials to assist schools with building the literacy levels in their classroom.


We have access to the most affordable, cost-effective hardware for schools. The devices  we aim to place in schools are a ruggedized laptop that switch to tablet mode, with front and rear camera, microphone and speakers. They come pre-installed with:

  • Latest Windows 10 or Chromebook IOS 
  • School Pack curriculum tools: Fishtree, SPARKview, Codecademy for enabling STEM and 3D Modeling in the classroom 
  • Curriculum aligned solutions for improving student centric learning: ,Corinth Classroom, Oxford Ad Learning Dictionary and Digital Promise.
Backed by a three year warranty, these devices come with a free charging station if ordered in quantities of ten.


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